Certification Designation Programs for Finance Brokers and Consultants

"Working Towards Higher Industry Standards"

The CFMIA is dedicated to the support of Australia's thousands of Finance Brokers and Finance Consultants.

Our mission is to help these Brokers and Consultants constantly improve their skills and knowledge in the area of finance and be the leaders of our finance community.

Our dedicated industry advisers deserve to carry a high-level mark of excellence.

The Certification marks provided by the CFMIA demonstrates to Consumers and the Finance Industry our designates believe in high standards, and will work towards acting in the best interests of those they serve.

By completing the CFMIA "Certified Finance Broker" and "Certified Finance Consultant" designation courses, our leading industry advisers will possess the right to carry "symbols of excellence" in the area of finance advice and service here in Australia.

The team at the CFMIA looks forward to help building a wonderful group of certified professionals that will make our industry proud.

Applications to enter the CFMIA Certification courses are available online.

Welcome to the future of finance.

We know our dedicated brokers will be ready.

CFMIA ready. 


The CFMIA will endeavour vigorously to -:

  • Improve the skills and knowledge of our members
  • Support them in their goals to build their careers and businesses
  • Provide members with a symbol of pride and excellence


What are they?

The CFMIA has been issued approval by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission under the "Rules governing use of Certification", to grant "Certification" status to members of the Finance Broking and Banking Sectors of the Australian Finance Industry.

Qualifying Brokers and Consultants will be able to carry "symbols of excellence" which will give them an edge over their competitors and demonstrate to consumers and peers their dedication to high standards in the provision of finance advice and service.

What is the CFMIA's goal in bringing certification to the industry?

The CFMIA does not expect all Finance industry Brokers and Consultants will attain "Certification" status.

In fact, we believe only the most dedicated industry advisers will decide to undertake the program and update their knowledge and skill sets in order to lead the industry.

What matters to our organisation is the support we give to those that are committed to excellence in the provision of finance advice and service.

We are focused on our members and their needs.

This is our focus.

What is required to achieve Certification status?

From a qualification perspective, Industry Brokers and Consultants need to have completed Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and the ASQA approved Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management or Diploma of similar nature approved by the CFMIA Education Committee.

For those who have not completed the Diploma, they may achieve partial credit towards subjects encompassed in the Diploma by applying for "recognition of prior learning", with the RTO administering the Diploma course.

Once both Cert IV and the Diploma are successfully completed by a candidate, they may apply to the CFMIA Board to complete the "Advanced Certification Program in Commercial and Asset Finance".

Once the program is successfully completed, the candidate may apply to the CFMIA to be granted status as a "Certified Finance Broker", "CFB" for Broking, or "Certified Finance Consultant", "CFC" for Banking (Banking program commences in late 2023).

The Rules of Certification stipulate the other requirements needed to be granted Certification status.

What is the difference between "CFB" and "CFC" designations?

Both programs have the same process in general.

The major difference between each designation is that the "Certified Finance Broker" designation is granted to those operating as Finance Brokers in the broking industry, whereas the "Certified Finance Consultant" designation applies to Finance Consultants operating in the Banking sector of the finance industry.

The CFMIA is currently working closely with members of the banking industry to finalise the Advanced Certificate Program in Commercial and Asset Finance course content ready for banking consultants which it aims to bring to the market in late 2023.

What if a Broker decides on a move into banking, or a Banking Finance Consultant decides on a move into Broking?

Brokers or Consultants wishing to move from one designation to the other due to a change of status may be granted approval by the education committee by completing the "Gap" program.

The CFMIA education committee is working hard at present with key industry members to design the gap program ready by late 2023.

Who within the CFMIA grants Certification?

The Rules of Certification requires the CFMIA to form an “Education Committee” which will be responsible for the assessment and approval of Certification Designation applications.

The Committee is made up of experienced Industry Finance Brokers and Consultants who together will be tasked with assessing applications for approval by the Board.

What will the completion of the "Designation Program" and the granting of ongoing Certification provide to members?

Holding Certification status in the Finance Industry "makes a statement" by our designates to existing and potential clientele, aggregators, and regulators.

It shows a dedication to Professionalism and the probability of a level a skill and knowledge significantly above the average broker and consultant.

It also shows a commitment to ethical conduct which is so important to all stakeholders in the finance arena.

Success today requires Industry Professionals stay a step ahead of their rivals.

The knowledge gained by our members in completing the advanced certificate program courses, and the ongoing support services made available by our mentor team, will help give our certified brokers and consultants a serious edge.

How to Enrol

How do I enrol in the program?

  • Complete the application form  and submit to the CFMIA administration team  for processing.
  • Receive confirmation of your application and a member number. 
  • Pay the required fee to complete the advanced program and forward the administration team confirmation of the payment.
  • Register for the program courses with the educators nominated in the confirmation email using your individual member.
  • Begin the courses.

What is the step-by-step process in achieving Certification?

  • Check the Rules of Certification to determine your eligibility to qualify for "Certification" status.
  • Successfully complete the Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.
  • Successfully complete the Advanced Certification Program in Commercial and Asset Finance.
  • Submit your application to the CFMIA Administration Team. 

What are the ongoing requirements to hold Certification status?

  • Be granted approval to hold certification status, and then ensure you complete the ongoing training requirements stipulated in the Rules of Certification on an annualised basis.
  • Uphold the standards in terms of the "Code of Ethics" outlined in the Rules of Certification.
  • Abide by all other requirements outlined in the Rules of Certification ratified by the ACCC.

What is the upfront cost of the "Advanced Certification Program in Commercial and Asset Lending"?

  • The fee to complete the program is $1,150 GST inclusive.
  • For those who then apply for certification status and are approved by the CFMIA Education Committee, they will be granted free membership as certified members for the first 12 months.

After the first 12 months of membership, what is the ongoing annual cost of holding the certification designation?

  • The annual fee will be $440 per annum GST inclusive.

Ongoing Mentor Services

What help can I get surrounding products I do not properly understand?

The CFMIA has a team of specialist mentors that will spend time with you explaining finance products available for your use that will help you expand your knowledge and business prospects.

What help is available surrounding the effectiveness of my business processes?

CFMIA specialist mentors will look closely at your sales processes and help you develop new business opportunities.

What help can I get to develop the business opportunities that come with understanding products that I am not yet utilizing?

The CFMIA works closely with commercial and asset finance specialists to bring support to the development of your financier accreditation.

What help is available for licencees looking closely at their administrative and compliance processes?

The CFMIA has a team of compliance specialists that will help ensure your operational structure meets regulatory requirements.

Cost of Certification

What is the annual fee 
to hold Certification?

The annual fee for CFB certification is $440.00 per annum GST inclusive. 

Michael Garland

MMGT (Mktg) B Bus (Banking and Finance) Dip FMBM JP (Qual)

20 years banking industry experience
10 years broking industry experience

Darryl Benn

Longstanding industry compliance and audit consultant
Industry advisor on regulatory and commercial finance matters
VET course developer for Cert IV and Diploma related financial services
Finance industry continuing professional development consultant
15 years industry experience finance broking

Greg Malone

20 years combined banking and broking experience
Completing his Master of Applied Finance with the University of NSW

Jodi Gelbart

BA LLB (Honours Degree) Cert IV MB Dip MBFS

11 years experience in banking
12 years experience in broking

Chris Booth

Bachelor of Science (BS) Honours Bachelor of Bus Admin/Management General

25 years banking experience
14 years broking experience
Graduate diploma of mortgage broking
Cert III TAE Workforce development and training

Graeme Porter

Dip FS (FMB) Cert IV CM Cert IV TAE JP

Banking and finance industry member since 1972
Commercial an asset finance consultant 13 years
Long standing Industry trainer and Mentor

Michael Sheridan


Board representative
Finance Consultant and broker since 1996

Rules of Certification

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The CFMIA is dedicated to the support of finance brokers and consultants.

Our mission is to help our brokers and consultants constantly improve their skills and knowledge in the area of finance and be the leaders of our industry.

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